We started working with Sonja last year. With Sonja's help, we achieved three goals we set for the year.  Susan started showing our Appendix Quarter horse, Dancer, this summer.  Dancer earned several credible scores and improved substantially by the end of the season, moving up to a first level test. Sonja is always there at the shows for her students and is a great moral support. Sonja started our youngest Arabian under saddle using great skill and compassion.
We like Sonja's approach as it proved firm but gentle and understanding. Lastly, we returned our Arabian mare, Doty, to productive work. Since we moved to Oregon four years ago, Doty suffered from lack of work and was well off her game. She seemed incapable of performing at her prior level of engagement. Sonja encouraged us to consult with several practitioners who were able to make a difference for Doty physically (at a reasonable cost).  Once we improved her physical health, she returned to her former self. We highly recommend Sonja to anyone who wants to work with a competent, kind and caring trainer.

Gene and Susan Cresswell
PHOTO: Gene and Susan on Ricky and Doty 
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